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People in history

List of Irregular Verbs

be​ – was/were

He was an actor. ​There were good plays in the past.


The artist began to sing.


He built a boat.​


Mario brought me flowers.


My mom bought vegetables.​


He caught the ball.

Past Simple​ Irregular verbs

Past simple is the tense used to express situations that occurred in the past and are now

There are no specific rules to form the past simple affirmative of irregular verbs.

For example:

Negative sentences:

In negative sentences we use:

For example: You didn’t buy tickets for the concert.

Interrogative sentences or Questions:

In interrogative sentences we use:

For example: Did she buy a CD?

Present vs Past

We celebrated mother’s day yesterday.Today is All Saints’ Day, November 1st. So, many people go to the church.
Last week, the earthquake destroyed  everything in that town. This week, people eat a lot of food in the Festival of the Virgin of the Candelaria.
A long time ago, I bought a dress  for the Carnival of Venice.These days, it’s the traditional  festival of the Sun or Inti Raymi
In the past, people didn’t celebrate Women’s day.Nowadays, some people celebrate  Valentine’s day through zoom meetings.
The anniversary of the Foundation of Lima took place in the historical center of the capital this morning.At this time, Catholic faithful celebrate the “Lord of Miracles” festival.