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Aprende Ingles A2
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List of irregular verbs

Can – Could / Puede – Podría

Forgive – Forgave / Perdonar – Perdón

Get – Got / Conseguir

Become – Became / Ser – Convertirse

Hurt – Hurt / Herido

Leave – Left – Baja – Salir

Make – MadeHacer – Hecho

Meet – Met / Conocer

Take – Took / Toma – Tomó

Teach – Taught / Enseñar – Enseñó

Speak – Spoke / Hablar – Habló

Send – Sent / Enviar – Enviado

Sell – Sold / Vender – Vendido

Sit – Sat / Siéntate

Stand – Stood

Tell – Told / Contar

Understand – Understood / Comprender – Entendido

Wake up – Woke up / Despierta

Wear – wore / Vestir – llevaba

Past Simple

We use PAST SIMPLE for activities or situations that were completed at a definite time.

Yes/ No questions

Now let’s talk about questions with past simple. Past Simple – Yes/No Questions.

Asking Yes / No questions in the past simple is very easy. Just put ‘did’ before the subject, and the verb in its infinitive form. Here are the simple past – ‘yes / no’ questions.

‘Wh’ question

Now let’s see the structure for Information Questions or ‘Wh’ questions.

To make a ‘Wh’ question in simple past, just put the Wh -question word at the beginning of the sentence plus the auxiliary did plus the subject plus the verb in the infinitive form plus the complement.

Past progressive

We use past progressive for activities or situations that were not completed

Yes / No questions

We can make yes/no questions by putting the past tense of the verb to be (Was or Were) at the beginning of the sentences plus the subject plus the verb with -ing plus the complement.

‘Wh’ question

To make a ’Wh’ question put the WH-question word at the beginning plus verb to be plus the subject plus the verb with –ing