Jenner Acosta Diaz
Aprende Ingles A2

Technological Devices

  1. Scooter – Today scooters are very useful and practical to go to work.
  2. Speaker – In the past I used a Walkman to listen to music, but today, my niece has
    a very nice speaker.
  3. Nintendo Nintendo 64 was one of the best video games systems for people in
    the past. Times were full of fun.
  4. Drones – The police is working better with drones around the city. They are small
    and light.
  5. Smartphones – We can find a lot of expensive, cheap, big or small smart
    phones in the market. They are very important for people to communicate.
  6. PlayStation – On weekends, my brother and sister have a lot of fun with
    their PlayStation. They compete with my dad.
  7. Laptop – Last year I bought a new laptop to work at home. It was not very cheap.
  8. Smartwatch – My boss is fascinated with his new smartwatch because it can help
    him be more organized, fast and effective with many activities he has to do.
  9. DJ mixer – At parties today, many DJs are using DJ mixers that help them
    manipulate and control audio signals. This is modern technology for them too.
  10. Keyboard – I am so excited with my new keyboard because I can work at night
    without turning on the lights in my bedroom. It is so cool!

Superlative adjectives

We use comparatives to compare two things or two people.

For example:


For example:


Let’s check and learn the number of syllables in the adjectives!

One-syllable Adjectives

  1. Make the superlative forms of a one-syllable adjective by adding –est.
    o long – longest
    o tall – tallest
  2. If the one-syllable adjective ends with an e, just add –st for the superlative form.
    o cute – cutest
    o large – largest
  3. Add –est to adjectives that end in consonant-vowel-consonant and double the last
    o big – biggest
    o hot – hottest

Two-syllable Adjectives

  1. With most two-syllable adjectives, you form the superlative with most.
    o honest – most honest
    o famous – most famous
  2. If the two-syllable adjectives end with –y, change the y to i and add –est for the
    superlative form.
    o happy – happiest
    o crazy – craziest
  3. Two-syllable adjectives ending in –er, –le, or –ow take –est to form the superlative
    o narrow – narrowest
    o gentle – gentlest

Adjectives with Three or More Syllables

  1. Add most to adjectives that have 3 or more syllables.
    o expensive – most expensive
    o difficult – most difficult

Irregular Adjectives

  1. Look at these Irregular superlative adjectives, they use completely different forms.
    o good – best
    o bad – worst
    o far – farthest
    o little – least
    o many – most

Now let’s talk about technological devices using superlative adjectives:

Comparative and superlative adjectives

To form comparatives, you need to know the number of the syllables in the adjective.

1 syllable:
Form: + er than
2 syllables ending in «Y», change «Y» to «i» and add «er»
Form: + ier than
2 or more syllables:
Form: More + adjetive than
Bigger than
Smaller than
Nicer than
Taller than
Shorter than
Stronger than
Easier than
Busier than
Prettier than
Heavier than
Funnier than
Friendlier than
More beautiful than
More dangeours than
More intelligent than
More complex than
More interesting than
More difficult than

Supertaltive Adjetives, used to compare 3 or more things

1 syllable:
Form: + the… est
2 syllables ending in «Y», change «Y» to «i» and add «er»
Form: + the… iest
2 or more syllables:
Form: The most + adjetive
The biggest
The smallest
The nicest
The tallest
The shortest
The strongest
The easiest
The busiest
The prettiest
The heaviest
The funniest
The friendliest
The most beautiful
The most dangerous
The most intelligent
The most complex
The most interesting
The most difficult