Jenner Acosta Diaz
Aprende Ingles A2

W2: My childhood

The use of adjectives: -ing vs. -ed

-ing: Adjetive to describe people or things.

-ed: Adjetive describe feelings


We use adjetives ending in -ing to describe: «Objects or people»

The books were interesting


We use adjetives ending in -ed to describe: «Feelings»

Only for people because things CAN NOT feel

The girls weren’t interested in the story

Useful Adjetives


There was a great history teacher at school.

There were noisy children during breaktime

How to say years

The past of the verb “To Be”

Present vs Past




Positive and Negative Sentences

I / he / she /is (was) -> wasn’t

We / You / They (were) – > weren-t


  1. Shakespeare was born in England.
  2. Mozart wasn’t born in Italy, he was born in Austria.
  3. The Wright brothers weren’t from England.


Was (I/he/she/it) at school yesterday?

Were (we/you/they) at chool yesterday?


Questions and Short Answers

Was he born in Huaraz?

Yes, he was.

No, he wasn’t.

Were you born in Huaraz?

Yes, I was.

No, I wasn’t.

There was / There were

Rememer -> There was is the past of There is / There were is the past of There are

There was / There wasn’t

There were / There weren’t